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Christmas Movie Bingo: 10-Card Stocking Stuffer Edition

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A pack of 10 unique, reusable cards to play while watching cheesy, romantic made-for-TV Christmas movies!

Mark off the tropes as they happen:

  • A career-driven female protagonist!
  • A wise old man who might be Santa Claus!
  • A failing small business!
  • A jerk boyfriend!

Each card is unique and reusable with a dry erase marker.

Cheesy Made-for-TV Christmas Movie Bingo Cards!

Do you love to binge on those cheesy, romantic Christmas movies on cable and streaming services during the holiday season? Add a fun Bingo game to your marathon movie watching! These cards are a fun, hilarious way to enjoy the holiday movie season with your friends and family. And best of all—the cards are reusable! Simply use a dry erase marker while playing, and wipe away the marks with a paper towel when done.

Christmas Movie Bingo — Game Details:

Each bingo square features a typical cliché character/plot detail that will often occurs in the standard made-for-TV Christmas movie, such as:

  • A career-driven female protagonist
  • A wise old man who might be Santa Claus
  • A failing small business
  • A wistful stare at an old photograph
  • A former flame from a hometown
  • A washed up celebrity
  • A jerk boyfriend/girlfriend

… and much, much more!

Poke fun at all the predictable, cliché themes!
Laugh your way through a cheesy Christmas movie party!

Provides another layer of enjoyment when watching romantic holiday movies.

How the Game Works:

The game works a lot like classic Bingo, except you play while watching Christmas movies. Play the movie of your choice (cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movies work best for this game). Keep in mind that it may take more than one movie to achieve a Bingo win, since it truly depends on the specific movie and card you are playing.

As the movie progresses, use the dry erase marker to mark off the character/plot details as they happen. Check off 5 squares in a row, and declare BINGO!

Package Specs:
  • Assortment of 10 different Bingo cards, 5.5" x 6" in size
  • Professionally printed on glossy card stock
  • Packaged in a cellophane sleeve with cover page and instructions
  • Cards are reusable with a dry erase marker (optionally included)
  • When using a dry erase marker, gently wipe cards clean with a paper towel to reuse

OR... Instead of a dry erase marker, look for small items around your house to cover the game squares during play (such as festive pieces of candy, paper punches, checker pieces, etc.). This can work great for large groups, and the possibilities are endless!

Christmas movies are not included. Cards are not meant to be used with a regular marker or pen. Not intended for children under 13.

The Story Behind the Product:

Each year my family enjoys watching the made-for-TV Christmas movie marathons together. (You know the ones — the woman who hires a fake boyfriend for the holidays to please her mother, the santa hat shop that's not doing well because of the greedy corporation, the big city professional who goes back to her small hometown for Christmas and runs into her high school sweetheart, etc.) We have them on in the background while we do festive things, like wrap presents and make cookies. (We also watch them a little obsessively, haha!) Even though there are new movies each year, the key plot lines and character details are often reused and have become comically predictable.

Years ago, we had the grand idea of making a list of all of the classic go-to themes, characters, and plot details in the typical TV Christmas movie, and made a Bingo game out of it. It was so hilarious and made the movies more entertaining to watch!

So, I decided to make our Cheesy Christmas Movie Bingo game into a product for others to enjoy as well, since it has become our own family tradition. I truly hope your family and friends enjoy playing it as much as we do!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Cute! Can’t wait to use them!

Carin N.

Can't wait to give this to my sister-in-law! Our Christmas celebration will be a little late this year, but this means she'll be ready for Christmas 2022!


These made the holidays so fun. Even family members who leave the room during cheesy holiday movies stayed so they could play. Great quality and fast shipping. Highly recommend.


Perfect for my secret santa who has a Hallmark christmas movie podcast!!


Very cute! Makes a great gift for family gatherings. Super fast shipping!