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Cat Sticker Sheet

SKU: SS001
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This sticker sheet is puurrrrfect for cat lovers!! A great mix of different cat breeds and some fun bonus stickers as well. Great for planners, envelopes, scrapbooks, water bottles, laptops, and more!

  • Sticker sheet measures 8″x9.75″
  • Printed on vinyl with a glossy protective coating
  • Includes 10 different cat stickers, 4 mini star stickers, and 3 phrase stickers
  • Stickers are printed on a white background
  • Permanent adhesive

Enjoy this fun sticker sheet featuring your favorite cats and breeds: the abyssinian cat, tortoiseshell cat, persian cat, black cat, tuxedo cat, siamese cat, dilute tortoiseshell cat, orange tabby cat, grey tabby cat (american shorthair), and the maine coon cat. Also great to use in your planner when you're "busy doing cat stuff" (which is how my cat also fills his day)!

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